Action alert! All Libertarians are asked to take a minute to write Michigan’s Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson.

It was bad enough that Johnson denied the Libertarians the opportunity to put Gary Johnson on the 2012 ballot.

Now, she has not counted or recorded the write-in votes for Johnson.

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson

I wrote the letter below to Ms. Johnson to ask her what is going on. Please click this link to submit your own feedback. Feel free to use this letter as a sample.

Sample letter:

Dear Ruth Johnson,

How can you live with yourself? I used to have respect, but have totally lost it.Why isn’t my write-in vote for Gary Johnson counted? There is no mention of him on the results website, or even a write-in number.

Your treatment of the Libertarian party this election is DESPICABLE. I will be publicizing this in upcoming articles.

Please advise.

Donna Gundle-Krieg

PS Did you list Nancy Cassis write-in numbers when she ran in the primary this year?