Mike Brennan is representing the Livingston Libertarians in a special election to be held on August 6th for the Livingston County District 5 County Commissioner.

Mike has a unique background, and would be a well-qualified representative of the people in his district. His website is http://michaelbrennan.webs.com/

Here’s what Mike Brennan has to say about his campaign as County Commissioner:  

I have been nominated to run for Livingston County Commissioner of District 5 in the special election on August 6th.

The Livingston Libertarians will caucus at our monthly social meeting March 7th regarding the upcoming election for county commissioner.

The Livingston Libertarians have selected Mike Brennan to run in the August 6th special election for Livingston County Commissioner of District 5.

I have been in this area much of my life. My family moved from Massachusetts to Brighton, MI in 1981. I was just about turn 2 years old. I lived in Brighton for the next sixteen years and graduated from Hartland High School in 1998.

I have a variety of skills and talents. After high school, I moved to Massachusetts to pursue a degree in Elementary Education from Eastern Nazarene College. I wanted to teach elementary students because they are the most excited learners.

College also gave me the opportunity to continue learning about every field. I am interested in writing, film-making, politics, law, music, linguistics, business start-ups, animals, space, travel, religion, and the list goes on and on.

In the summer before I started college I read a book called How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci by Michael Gelb. It was the book that defined me other than the Bible. I believed that I could think like a genius, and I believed that others could be inspired to think like a geniuses too.

After teaching elementary school for a year, I wanted to see what it would be like to teach high school. I wasn’t sure I was smart enough to teach the wide range of learners at the high school level. I fell in love with the atmosphere in high school immediately. The students that cared about their education challenged and inspired a deeper desire for learning in myself.

I started writing my own book so that I could be a better English teacher. I recently took some time off to direct a film, Unexpected Places, and to pursue my writing career. I have begun developing plans for a tutoring center that will include classes for adults.

Teaching Constitutional Law encouraged a sense of civic duty, and I started to think seriously about public office. Now I am volunteer-teaching Constitutional Law at the Howell Carnegie Library and attending Libertarian meetings.

I hope that you will vote for me on August 6th!