Jesus, prince of peace

Jesus, prince of peace

Christian anarchism is the belief that the teachings of God and Jesus are the only sources of authority for Christians.

Therefore, according to this belief, it is often necessary for Christians to defy government authority when it conflicts with the teachings of Jesus.

For example, Jesus called his followers to turn the other cheek and resist evil, yet we have a government with a police and military monopoly over the legitimate use of force.

Most Christian anarchists oppose this government force, which often results in war. Therefore, in the case of peace versus war, Christian anarchists believe that they must choose Jesus as an authority higher than the government.

Author explains why Jesus was an anarchist
Author James Redford definitely believes that Jesus is a free-market/libertarian anarchist, also called an anarcho-capitalist. In fact, Jesus’s very life began with an act of defiance against the government, and ended the same way, he explained.

“Jesus was born into the world as a criminal and would later be killed as a criminal–a criminal as so regarded by the government, that is.

“All one has to do is review the life story of Jesus to plainly see that government–far from being instituted by God–is and has been a demonic tool of Satan used to oppress the righteous,” he stated.

The Golden Rule
Jesus’ primary commandment is the “golden rule,” which is that we are to treat others as we would like to be treated.

All governments by definition violate the Golden Rule, because they claim rights to “do to their subjects” what they would not allow their subjects to do to them.

“The Golden Rule as a political ethic is completely congruent with the libertarian Non-Aggression Principle, i.e., that no person or group of people may initiate the use of force against another, or threaten to initiate force against another,” states Redford.

Modern churches
I have become acquainted with many anarchists within my own Catholic church. Over the years, I have met hundreds of nuns and priests who are willing to defy government to protest against wars and other injustices. In addition, the popes who I have listened to in my lifetime are some of the only leaders who will speak out against war.

There is also a history of the Catholic church and other churches defying laws to help right government wrongs. For example, how many church leaders became part of the underground railroad? How many Catholic saints and martyrs over the years have given their time and their lives to stand up for what is right?

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