Officers are elected during February for the Livingston County Libertarians Affiliate. Anyone who is an active Libertarian (state or national) member can run for an officer position and vote for officer position candidates.

Please contact Pam Sanderson or Karl Kiefer if you are interested in any of the following positions, which are listed along with the current officer: The roles for each are in bylaws. Click here to see the bylaws.

Chair – Pam Sanderson

Pam Sanderson, Chair and Ron Sanderson, Treasurer and Political Director

Secretary – Karl Kiefer
Treasurer – Ron Sanderson
Political Director – Ron Sanderson
Media director – Donna Gundle-Krieg

The media director was assigned unofficially and the next year’s officers should decide to add that position to the bylaws as it is an important one.

At the January 3rd social meeting, the president Pam Sanderson will determine who is running for each position so that we are ready for elections at the February 7th social meeting.

All the current officers have stated that they will remain in the current position if there is no one else running against them. However, everyone is encouraged to get more involved, and many of us may want a new role or a break in the action anyway. If you know someone who may want to throw their hat in, or would be a good candidate, encourage them to run!

Remember all are welcome to business meetings on the second Wednesday of each month. It is not just for officers.