Are you weary of so-called “news” that merely spreads corporate and big government propaganda? And spare me from the likes of NPR and PBS, which use some of our tax dollars to march to the beat dictated by government and by advertisers, which they sneakily call “underwriters” in an attempt to make their news seem less compromised. But what if there was a news show that had no agenda other than to tell you what is really going on around the world? You would have No Agenda.

The hosts of No Agenda are lovers of liberty, Ron Paul, and C-SPAN. They often boast “We watch C-SPAN so you don’t have to!” and play clips from congressional hearings as well as international items. No Agenda is anti-war. No Agenda is pro-free market. No Agenda is irreverent and makes fun of world figures such as politicians, corporate executives, bankers, and dictators. No Agenda exposes scams and civil liberty violations anywhere it finds them, with a healthy dose of mockery thrown in.

Adam Curry (“The Crackpot”) and John C Dvorak (“The Buzzkill”) bring you No Agenda for 2 hours of commercial-free news every Sunday and Thursday. You can listen to the live stream as they record the show, or do as I do and download the podcast that they release later that day. Every episode has show notes so you, the listener, can double-check the information that Adam and John presented. You won’t find that level of thoroughness from mainstream media, who are too lazy to do honest journalism in the first place let alone create a list of sources for you to verify what they broadcast!

No Agenda is passionate, real, and humorous. Unfortunately, the show becomes crude and juvenile when the hosts get too humorous too fast, so it is definitely not Safe For Work nor kids. Beholden to no one, No Agenda trumpets the news as they see it, without concern for libel suits or political correctness. They sometimes veer into conspiracy theories that damage their otherwise excellent credibility, but hey who’s perfect? I’ll take Crackpot and Buzzkill over Fox News and NBC any day.

Tim Keirnan
Vice Chair, Livingston Libertarians