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  • Defending the Libertarian Brand: We Are a Recognized Political Party

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    By John Hargenrader and Tim Keirnan

    The elements of the Libertarian Party platform have been well-established since it was founded in 1971. Our guiding principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, economic freedom, property rights, and non-intervention in other countries’ conflicts have gained traction in the mainstream of political awareness.
    As candidates from other parties and grass-roots issue groups claim to have become concerned about our government’s erosion of our constitutional liberties, they have incorporated some of the ideals of libertarianism to rally the masses. Some even use the word “libertarian” as a buzzword to gain Libertarian voter support at the polls, but all too often then fail to advance those Libertarian principles if they are elected—the old “bait and switch” game. The phrase “libertarian leanings” is often mis-appropriated by candidates from other parties to position their political message campaigns, normally aimed at aiding the same old party candidates and special interests who got us into our current mess. They are NOT Libertarians unless their actions align with the Libertarian Party platform and their support falls upon registered Libertarian candidates running for public office.
    For candidates to describe themselves as “libertarian leaning”, I think their “leaning” should include their name being listed on the Libertarian ticket, not the opposition’s ticket. There is nothing less dignified than borrowing someone else’s identity. Identity theft of libertarianism is the most common form of political plagiarism today. There is nothing more distressing to musicians than for their music to be misappropriated to sell products or even a political message they do not advocate. Libertarians have similar concerns.
    There is unique value in being a Libertarian party member. To be nominated to run as a Libertarian candidate is an honor. There is a commitment by Libertarian candidates that is not taken lightly that party affiliation has longevity, and is not used for temporary political convenience.  We are not a homogeneous group, nor seek to be by defining what is right for one or for all of society. This excerpt from the preamble of the Libertarian Platform sums it up best:
    “We hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose.

    Further we maintain that no government, political party or any societal group ever has the right to impede those individual freedoms by statute, force, taxation, coercion, marginalization or oppression.
    For those who value the Bill of Rights, and believe they are to be applied broadly, you are commended for being a libertarian free thinker. If you support libertarianism as a guiding philosophy for fixing our local, state, and national problems of egregious debt, perpetual wars, eroding civil liberties, and increasing taxation, please vote for the real Libertarians on your ballot– not the imposters.
    As Libertarians, we are different from all other political parties big and small.  We acknowledge that individuals have unique preferences and paradigms from culture, environment, family upbringing, personal desires, and life experience. The desire to respect our neighbors’ differences and live free in our personal and economic lives not only gives us peace of mind, but also makes us lively debaters, and a most entertaining crowd to socialize with.  We openly invite those who lean libertarian, or who are just curious, to please come and see for yourselves.  Join us at a local Libertarian Party social meeting where you can be heard and make a difference.

    John Hargenrader
    Tim Keirnan

    The No Agenda Show: News from a liberty perspective

    Are you weary of so-called “news” that merely spreads corporate and big government propaganda? And spare me from the likes of NPR and PBS, which use some of our tax dollars to march to the beat dictated by government and by advertisers, which they sneakily call “underwriters” in an attempt to make their news seem less compromised. But what if there was a news show that had no agenda other than to tell you what is really going on around the world? You would have No Agenda.

    The hosts of No Agenda are lovers of liberty, Ron Paul, and C-SPAN. They often boast “We watch C-SPAN so you don’t have to!” and play clips from congressional hearings as well as international items. No Agenda is anti-war. No Agenda is pro-free market. No Agenda is irreverent and makes fun of world figures such as politicians, corporate executives, bankers, and dictators. No Agenda exposes scams and civil liberty violations anywhere it finds them, with a healthy dose of mockery thrown in.

    Adam Curry (“The Crackpot”) and John C Dvorak (“The Buzzkill”) bring you No Agenda for 2 hours of commercial-free news every Sunday and Thursday. You can listen to the live stream as they record the show, or do as I do and download the podcast that they release later that day. Every episode has show notes so you, the listener, can double-check the information that Adam and John presented. You won’t find that level of thoroughness from mainstream media, who are too lazy to do honest journalism in the first place let alone create a list of sources for you to verify what they broadcast!

    No Agenda is passionate, real, and humorous. Unfortunately, the show becomes crude and juvenile when the hosts get too humorous too fast, so it is definitely not Safe For Work nor kids. Beholden to no one, No Agenda trumpets the news as they see it, without concern for libel suits or political correctness. They sometimes veer into conspiracy theories that damage their otherwise excellent credibility, but hey who’s perfect? I’ll take Crackpot and Buzzkill over Fox News and NBC any day.

    Tim Keirnan
    Vice Chair, Livingston Libertarians

    Welcome, Livingston County

    Are you concerned that our state and nation are heading in the wrong direction?

    We are.

    Do you think the Democrat and Republican parties are two ineffective sides of the same dirty coin?

    We do.

    Would you like to stop the ever-increasing growth of state and federal government, endless wars in our foreign policy, and continuing erosion of our civil and economic liberties?

    We will.

    We believe you should be free to live your life and pursue your interests as you see fit, as long as you do not harm another person. We believe in our US Constitution’s Bill of Rights (all TEN of them!) and demand to see them respected at all levels of government.

    Watch this space for news on Libertarian Party meetings in Livingston County, our candidates’ activities in  elections, and editorials from our members. Click About Us to learn more about the national Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Party of Michigan.

    In liberty,
    Timothy Keirnan, Chair