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  • Fix MI Roads lobby group receives $900K+ in government grants

    According to IRS tax returns, the main lobby group in Michigan spearheading the Snyder road tax campaign received $906,619 in state and federal grants in 2011.

    In addition, this group held $8 million in assets and has four employees who earn over $500,000 per year.

    The Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association (MITA), a 501(c)(6) tax exempt lobby group based in Okemos, has a  26-member board of directors. These people are primarily presidents, CEOs and owners of private, for-profit construction firms.

    Serious concerns over lobby group

    Many people have serious concerns over MITA, which is using social media, radio and public meetings to urge Michigan residents to support the Fix MI Roads initiative.

    This proposed new tax plan proposes a combined 134% in tax and fee increases on gasoline, licensing fees and vehicle registrations.

    This frustrates members of the Libertarian Party of Michigan (LPM) as the Snyder Administration refuses “to acknowledge any other routes of addressing infrastructure concerns of state roads beyond raising taxes on Michigan residents and motorists,” according to an LPM press release.

    In addition, the party believes that the political action committee is “using our worst fears against us—the safety of our children.”

    “How much longer does this charade have to continue?” asked LPM Chair Denee Rockman-Moon. “It’s time for Lansing and their lobbyist friends to answer some very serious questions.”

    Rockman-Moon said that the group is using pointed to potential privatization options, and stated that the state needs to review proper use of monies already available.

    The MITA is using typical scare tactics to promote raising taxes and fees to fix Michigan roads.

    The MITA is using typical scare tactics to promote raising taxes and fees to fix Michigan roads.

    In addition, taxpayers should be informed that the roads outlined in the plan are state roads, and not municipally controlled such as side streets and residential roads.

    “The public has the right to know the true nature of plan and to question the motives of its backers,” said Rockman-Moon.

    “While the Snyder tax-increase cheerleaders are holding $80,000 golf outings and receiving almost a million dollars in government grants, they look to struggling Michigan taxpayers straight in the eye and say, ‘We’re sorry, there’s no other way but to raise your taxes and fees,” she said.

    “This no longer passes the smell test. Taxpayers should be disgusted. This nonsense in Lansing has to stop.

    “The LPM has taken a stand, and it is with the taxpayers of the state.”

    Michigan Libertarian Party Vows to Fight Snyder Road Plan

    Governor Rick Snyder wants to raise taxes to fix Michigan's roads.

    Governor Rick Snyder wants to raise taxes to fix Michigan’s roads.

    Michigan State Libertarian Party Chairperson says, “Lansing is stuck in a ‘cycle of failure.’”

    At Governor Rick Snyder’s State of the State speech last week, he laid out his plan for Michigan’s crumbling roads. His plan includes asking the legislature to approve a $1 billion infrastructure initiative, with taxpayers footing the bill.

    While his plan has stunned many in his own party, it has been greeted with a promise of open dialog  by Democrats — Democrats who are still reeling from Snyder’s signing of  Michigan’s “Right to Work” legislation last month.

    Libertarian Party of Michigan (LPM) chairwoman, Denee Rockman-Moon says,“Raising taxes is
    not the solution. Michiganders are only beginning to crawl out of the hole that both state Democrats and Republicans placed them in… raising taxes via license and registration fee increases serves  only as a further burden on [still] cash-strapped citizens. Snyder or if this were still Granholm, it’s simply more of the same.”

    Rockman-Moon is also highly critical of Snyder’s closeness with state lobby group, the Michigan Infrastructure and transportation Association (MITA). MITA is currently running ads on radio encouraging taxpayers to support their lobby effort. The MITA/Snyder plan is also being pushed via a website and Facebook page, “Just Fix the Roads.”

    “MITA’s clients stand to make hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars should the tax increases pass,” Rockman-Moon says. “Our roads have been a mess for decades. Governor after governor promises to get the job done. What happens is simply more throwing of taxpayer money into bottomless potholes and lobbyist’s pockets. It hasn’t worked before, and it won’t work now,” said Rockman-Moon.

    The LPM chair says she would be happy to sit down, along with LPM economists, infrastructure specialists  and the administration to discuss alternate ideas.

    When asked  what the state party’s plan would look like Rockman-Moon responded, “It  would involve some immediate privatization of our roads and a long-term  solution apposed to just another Band-Aid on a severed limb. Our plan
    would actually lower taxes and fees in order to encourage business [and]  tourism; and leave more money in taxpayers’ pockets.”

    The LPM, which is currently enjoying a very large membership increase, says they intend to repay the faith voters are beginning to place in the party by taking on Lansing, with or without seats in the legislature.

    “Lansing is stuck in a cycle of failure. It’s time for new ideas. We need new ideas that do not involve raising and throwing away more taxpayer money. We will do all we can to fight the Governor and his lobbyist friend’s plan to start filling in the potholes with
    Michiganders’ hard-earned money”, Rockman-Moon said.

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