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  • Livingston County loses long time liberty lover Dr. May

    Livingston County Libertarian Party offers our condolences to the family and friends of Louis “Pat” May, M.D. longtime Howell resident, farmer and dedicated local physician. Doctor May at Howell Melonfest

    Dr. May, who was 91, has supported the Livingston Libertarians in many ways over the years. He attended our monthly meetings, and spent some time with us at various parties and events, including Melon Fest. In fact, Dr. May is credited with developing the famous “Howell Melon.”

    Those of us that met him certainly loved him as a friend.

    Dr May, your contributions to liberty and our community will be missed. Rest in Peace.

    Read about Dr. May’s life at


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    Welcome, Livingston County

    Are you concerned that our state and nation are heading in the wrong direction?

    We are.

    Do you think the Democrat and Republican parties are two ineffective sides of the same dirty coin?

    We do.

    Would you like to stop the ever-increasing growth of state and federal government, endless wars in our foreign policy, and continuing erosion of our civil and economic liberties?

    We will.

    We believe you should be free to live your life and pursue your interests as you see fit, as long as you do not harm another person. We believe in our US Constitution’s Bill of Rights (all TEN of them!) and demand to see them respected at all levels of government.

    Watch this space for news on Libertarian Party meetings in Livingston County, our candidates’ activities in  elections, and editorials from our members. Click About Us to learn more about the national Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Party of Michigan.

    In liberty,
    Timothy Keirnan, Chair