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    Malcolm X Quote
    Get Angry With Me

    by Jeff Wood

    In 1931, in downtown Lansing, Earl Little died in a mysterious incident which was officially ruled a “streetcar accident.” His wife, Louise, was denied a life insurance claim because the company alleged he had “committed suicide.” They couldn’t prove it, but the Little family knew the truth. It hadn’t been an accident, or a suicide. Earl Little was murdered by The Black Legion, a white supremacist offshoot of the KKK. Seven years later Louise Little was admitted to the Kalamazoo State Hospital, apparently after suffering a “nervous breakdown.” She wasn’t released for 25 years.

    It seems quite natural that their son Malcolm, left effectively orphaned by racists and the state at the age of thirteen, would grow up to be angry. He was angry about his personal history. He was angry about the discrimination his people were facing. He was angry about the hypocrisy of his own organization’s leadership. He was not, however, angry about his own anger, because he realized the strength it gave him. He recognized that anger could provide the impetus for change.

    “Anger is a gift” -Malcolm X

    Tragically he was assassinated before seeing the changes brought about by the movement he helped start. The anger that he had instilled in his followers in life was only amplified by the rage brought about by his death. In the wake of his loss, his cause finally found the strength to rise to the occasion.

    Now, half a century after his death, the people of Michigan are once again suffering under oppression. The Black Legion no longer stalks the streets of Lansing, and the dark oubliette of the state mental hospital has been replaced by a more modern building, but the oppression we face is no less real. We face the oppression of a government that no longer cares about the will of the people.

    In May of this year the people of this state sent a resounding message to our government, a message that we reject their proposal to hike taxes in order to pay for their frivolous public works projects. Unfortunately, our legislature’s response has been to move forward with a tax increase, willfully ignoring the demands of its constituents.

    This is not the first time our government has betrayed us, and it will not be the last. As long as people continue believing in its right to rule over us, rather than rising up in indignant outrage, it will betray us with impunity. Why? Because it can. Because if we don’t have the strength of will to demand change, the bureaucracy has no motivation to grant it.

    The larger an organization is, the harder it is to change. This is what makes challenging the state such a monumental task, but at the same time it is what makes the Libertarian Party a legitimate threat. We are adaptable, we are quick to respond, we can seize an opportunity and exploit it before our opponents are even aware of it.

    Many members of the Libertarian Party of Michigan have taken umbrage at my attempts to drag our party into the 21st century. Many members have resisted my attempts to change our party’s course. Many thought we were doing just fine without all these radicals and anarchists mucking things up. To those people I would ask, what do you have to show for it? After 40 years of begging the system for inclusion, where do we stand?

    I say we stop electing hypocritical leaders who want to bring about liberty by imposing a strict and authoritarian hierarchy on our own party. I say we stop trying to recruit from our competition, and start appealing to their marginalized children. I say we stop urging our fellow Libertarians to be moderate, and start radicalizing the populace. I say let’s evolve, let the chips fall where they may.

    I know that this message will make many people angry. You’re welcome. Because if you’re not angry yet, then you haven’t been paying attention, or you’ve become inured, or you’ve grown hopelessly dependant upon the system. You’re going to need to be angry if we’re going to change the way our society is run. So to everybody reading these words, whether you’re one of my critics or one of my supporters, whether you’re a fan of mine or a total stranger, I want to extend to you a cordial invitation, to get angry with me.


    Jeff Wood, Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Michigan

    Go to the profile of Jeff Wood

    Jeff Wood

    Libertarian Candidate for US Congress in Michigan’s 8th District. Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Livingston County.

    LPM Convention 2015 in Kalamazoo, Saturday May 9 “Let’s Grow Liberty”

    LPM Convention 2015

    Convention 2015 in Kalamazoo, Saturday May 9
    “Let’s Grow Liberty”

    Kzoo11We have an exciting convention in the works for LPMers and guests this year, in the original home of Gibson guitars and major player in founding the modern American craft beer movement: Kalamazoo. In fact, Friday night (5/8) plans are to host a pub crawl! [For $20 you get a snazzy LPM t-shirt, august company, and transportation to downtown and back to the hotel… which is the Holiday Inn West.]

    Convention speakers are:

    This is the ‘in between’ convention year, with officers and bylaws/platform up for reconfiguration. Please don’t miss what promises to be a fertile event… one for the books. We’re trying to keep costs down in these trying times on the threshold of ‘rEvolution.’ So come one, come all. Here is the price schedule:

    • Full Package:                 Before 5/1: $60, After 5/1: $80
    • Convention + Lunch:    Before 5/1: $35, After 5/1: $50
    • Convention Only:         Before 5/1: $25, After 5/1: $40
    • Banquet Only:              Before 5/1: $30, After 5/1: $50
    • Special room rate of $105.00 per night single/double occupancy available until April 21st To reserve your room call 269-375-6000 and inform the clerk that you’re with the Libertarian Party.

    Proceed here to register: LPM Pub Crawl


    Friday, May 8: Pub Crawl

    In downtown Kalamazoo’s vibrant restaurant and brewery district. The fee for this event will be $20 (includes an LPM newly designed custom t-shirt and transportation to Downtown Kzoo and back to the Holiday Inn West, at the end of the evening. (Drinks not included.) The t-shirt (logo at right) enables pub crawlers to get into all participating bars without a cover charge. The Pub Crawl is separate from the convention.

    Libertarian Party of Michigan Convention, Saturday May 17, 2014, in Howell

    Libertarian Party of Michigan (LPM)
    The Party of Principle
    Phone: 1-888-FREENOW (373-3669)

    LPM 2014 Convention in Howell, Michigan

    Saturday May 17,2014

    “Freedom is the Future”


    Libertarian Party of Michigan Convention

    LPM State Convention which will include the nomination of 2014 Candidates
    for office as well as delegates to the national convention in Columbus, Ohio, June 26-29, 2014

    Visit the LPM website at for the latest news and the convention page for registration forms and online




    Rodger Young Convention Chair

    Convention Location:
    Johnson Center at Cleary University
    3750 Cleary Dr. (map)
    Howell, MI 48843
    517.548.3670 (Cleary U)



    Johnson Center at Cleary University

    Directions to Convention
    Howell is 47 miles Northwest of Detroit.
    Interstate 96 to Howell’s Latson Rd. Exit #140. Turn North. Turn left at the light at Latson Road
    onto Grand River Avenue, then through the next light at the Meijer entrance.
    Turn left onto Cleary Drive (immediately past the Meijer entrance) and
    follow the drive to Johnson Center.
    Water tower at Cleary University is your landmark.



    Hotel Location:
    Holiday Inn Express Howell
    1397 North Burkhart Rd. (map)
    Howell, MI 48855
    Group room rates:
    Standard King Non Smoking $99.99 +tax Quantity 7
    Standard 2 Queens Non Smoking $109.99 +tax Quantity 8
    Free wired and wireless internet
    Free Express Start Breakfast Bar
    Free shuttle van to Johnson Center @ Cleary University
    Tanger Outlet Mall across the street
    *Group cut-off date April 25, 2014*

    Main Business of Convention

    We will be nominating the Libertarian Party of Michigan slate of
    candidates for the 2014 general election in Michigan. Be sure to
    inform the LPM Political Director Leonard Schwartz of your intentions to run for
    office in this important year.

    Program Saturday, May 17

    Registration: 8:30 a.m.
    Opening and Keynote: 9:00 a.m.
    Business Session 1: 9:00 – 12 Noon
    Lunch: 12 Noon – 1:30 p.m.
    Business Session 2: 1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    Cocktail Reception: ~ 5:00, preceding banquet (bar open thru banquet)
    Banquet with Tatiana Moroz: 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

    There will be a hosted luncheon, and a banquet in the evening.
    The Libertarian Party of Livingston County will host the Hospitality
    Suite. The suite will host a few events such as Relaxation and
    Refreshments, fund-raising, accepting donations on pop, munchies of
    various sorts (that doesn’t require a license), and Notary station.
    The “post-election” LEC will hold their traditional 1st meeting in this
    room at 4 PM. Possible photo opportunities with our candidates.

    Tatiana Moroz_7

    Tatiana Moroz

    Banquet Entertainment – Liberty Singer Songwriter Tatiana Moroz

    Tatiana Moroz is a young sultry-voiced songstress who fights for liberty,
    love, freedom, and peace.
    Her music, a mix of acoustic & electric Pop infused with Blues,
    Country, Soul, and Rock is liberty and anti-war themed throughout.
    One of her most well known songs is her version of “Masters of War” by
    Bob Dylan
    Tatiana is active in the Liberty movement and Bitcoin scene and has
    performed at numerous liberty oriented events around the world.
    Based in New Jersey, some of Tatiana’s recent gigs include:
    Galt’s Gulch Spring Celebration in Curacaví,­ Chile
    Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire
    The Inside Bitcoin Conference in Berlin, Germany
    RT America Television Network
    Latin American Bitcoin Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Ron Paul Festival in Tampa, Florida
    Tatiana has successfully written, produced and self-released 2 full
    length LPs, “Tatiana” and “Love and Liberty”, 2 EPs, “Fall In August
    Live” and “For the New Year”, as well as several singles.
    Her company, Same Side Entertainment, an activist/talent booking and
    event marketing company books several prominent keynote speakers to
    liberty events worldwide.
    Tatiana Moroz website –

    Online Information and Registration Form
    [You may register and pay for the event through this page, as well as
    make a donation or pledge to the LPM. Note: for donations (not including
    payment for Libertyfest) over $100, please contact our treasurer for
    supplying other information required by the elections law.]

    See you there!

    Disclaimers and Campaign Finance Notes
    1. Paid for with regulated funds by the Libertarian Party of Michigan
    Executive Committee, Inc., Box 27065 Lansing, MI 48909-7065 Not authorized by any candidate.
    2. PLEASE NOTE: Unless you specify otherwise, we may elect to use your
    contribution for federal campaign purposes, state campaign purposes,
    and/or for administrative purposes. State law requires us to provide the
    name and address of all contributors, and the occupation, employer and
    work address for contributors whose total annual contributions exceed
    $100. Federal law requires us to provide the name, address, occupation,
    employer and work address of all contributors whose total annual
    contributions equal $200 or more. Contributions to the LPM are not
    considered charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes, but
    may be deductible for state income tax purposes. Corporate contributions
    are prohibited for campaign purposes, but may be accepted for
    administrative purposes. Contributions by foreign nationals are

    A detailed report on the 2013 Convention is available here:

    National Libertarian Party Convention
    June 26-29, 2014 Columbus, OH

    Libertarians in Michigan enjoy successful Libbyfest

    eberlingAuthor and professor Dr. Richard Eberling gave an inspiring speech at the Libertarian Party of Michigan’s annual Libbyfest in East Lansing on Saturday, November 16.

    Eberling, professor at Norwood University, spoke of the dangerous effect that the War of Terrorism has had on our liberties. Obamacare is just one example of the many decisions we now allow our government to make for us, Eberling explained.

    “Individuals are no longer planning for themselves, but instead the government must now design a single plan for everyone, and to which and within which everyone in the society must fit and be made to conform….yet, in a free society each individual makes his own plans about the goals he decides to set for his life and how best to use the income and resources at his disposal to achieve them.”

    Eberling, recognized as one of the leading members of the Austrian School of Economics, has written several books including “Liberty, Security and the War on Terrorism.”

    Libertarian billboards around Michigan

    Have you noticed any of the Libertarian billboards that are now around Michigan?

    These billboard are located in the following places:

    • I-75 south of Coldwater Road, facing south – Flint/Lansing
    • US-31 south of Sherman Road, facing north – Muskegon
    • I-96 West of Greenfield Rd, Facing West – Detroit I-75 South of Coldwater Rd, facing south -Flint/Lansing

    This year, the Libertarian party has gained record publicity! Our membership, donations, and number of new Facebook friends are growing like never before!

    To contribute money towards these billboards and other publicity for the Michigan Libertarian Party, please click here.