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  • Chairman Young Wins Libby Award

    Rodger Young, Chairman of the Livingston Libertarians, was awarded the “Producer of Liberty Award” by the Libertarian Party of Michigan at the annual Libertyfest in East Lansing on Saturday, November 16.

    Rodger is “a dedicated, behind-the-scenes Libertarian whose quiet labors over the years exemplifies the backbone of the LP,” according to Robert James Fulner, who nominated Young.

    Rodger Young was unanimously elected chairperson of the Livingston Libertarians

    Livingston Libertarian Chair Rodger Young was awarded the Producer of Liberty Award.

    Fulner listed many contributions made by Young, the long time Libertarian who was elected leader of the Livingston Libertarians during a difficult time for the affiliate. Fulner talked about Young’s ability to get along with all people, and his understanding of what a true Libertarian is.

    The Libertarian Party of Michigan also awarded two other “Libby Awards” to members of the Oakland County Libertarian party. Leonard Schwartz won the Spokesperson for Liberty Award , and Karl Jackson received the Promoter of Liberty Award.

    Libertarians in Michigan enjoy successful Libbyfest

    eberlingAuthor and professor Dr. Richard Eberling gave an inspiring speech at the Libertarian Party of Michigan’s annual Libbyfest in East Lansing on Saturday, November 16.

    Eberling, professor at Norwood University, spoke of the dangerous effect that the War of Terrorism has had on our liberties. Obamacare is just one example of the many decisions we now allow our government to make for us, Eberling explained.

    “Individuals are no longer planning for themselves, but instead the government must now design a single plan for everyone, and to which and within which everyone in the society must fit and be made to conform….yet, in a free society each individual makes his own plans about the goals he decides to set for his life and how best to use the income and resources at his disposal to achieve them.”

    Eberling, recognized as one of the leading members of the Austrian School of Economics, has written several books including “Liberty, Security and the War on Terrorism.”