The following extracts are from Secretary Karl Kiefer’s minutes of our February 2012 social meeting. Thanks, Karl!


LPLC Social Meeting minutes February 2nd 2012 7:00 PM at Cleary’s Pub

The LPLC’s annual officer election was held with the following results:

Pam Sanderson – LPLC Chair
Dan Goebel – LPLC Vice Chair
Ron Sanderson – LPLC Treasurer
Karl Kiefer – LPLC Secretary

“Topics with Todd” brought us a lively and spirited discussion of
current events of interest to Libertarians.

Newly elected LPLC Chair Pam Sanderson spoke to us about and endorses
the Michigan “Food Freedom Protection Act” introduced to the Michigan
State Legislature by the Michigan Campaign For Liberty.

An announcement of the upcoming Liberty Fest on Saturday, March 10th in
nearby Holt, Michigan – just south of Lansing. Speakers will include
former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and other candidates for the
National Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination. Activities include a
presidential straw poll and banquet, and awarding of the Libby Awards.
Location – Delhi Cafe
4625 Willoughby Road
Holt, MI 48842-7402

Saturday, March 10th 4:30 PM to 9 PM

An announcement of the Libertarian National Convention to be held May
2-6 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dan Goebel and Karl Kiefer are considering
going. – Anyone else thinking about going?

An announcement by LPM Chair James Lewis of the upcoming LPM State
Convention to be held June 2nd, 2012 at the Marriott Hotel in nearby
Livonia. James also spoke about how to become a Michigan delegate to the
Libertarian National Convention and about the upcoming revamping of the
Libertarian Party of Michigan’s website.

An announcement of the upcoming LPLC business meeting next Thursday.

There were 16 individuals in attendance including:

There are two new libertarian radio stations in Livingston County!
These legal, unlicensed micro-broadcast stations broadcast libertarian
programming 24/7/365. Listen for them at 1620 on your AM radio dial in
Howell and in the Lake Chemung area. Or listen to the live stream on
your computer or smart phone at

Any typographical, grammatical or factual errors or omissions will be
humbly corrected by your LPLC Secretary.

Karl Kiefer, Secretary, Libertarian Party of Livingston County
517-980-6300 cell