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  • Ron Paul to introduce liberty based homeschool curriculum

    Former Congressman Ron Paul will soon introduce a free homeschool curriculum for students in kindergarten through the fifth grade.

    This home school curriculum will “teach the biblical principle of self-government and personal responsibility.”

    Gary North, director of the Ron Paul Curriculum, said he and Paul believe there’s a “tremendous need for a homeschool curriculum that offers a history of liberty, as well as liberty’s rivals; a thorough understanding of the Austrian school of economics; and a program that is based on primary sourced documents, as opposed to textbooks, which “dumb down the material.”

    For more information, go to the Ron Paul curriculum page.

    Ron Paul


    Homeschooling offers freedoms for Libertarians

    Homeschooling is very popular among those with libertarian beliefs.

    After all, the public school teachers, especially in Michigan, are overwhelmingly big-party Democrats due to unionization. Many of them often incorporate their politics into their lesson plans.

    My family was very successful with homeschooling. Both my son and duaghter received full scholarships to state colleges based on their high test scores and academic excellence. In fact, almost all homeschoolers are very successful in college.

    Homeschooling used to be unusual, but the number of families choosing to homeschool  grows at an estimated rate of 7–15 percent per year.

    This picture came from

    This picture came from

    In recent years, homeschoolers have proven themselves. By grade 8, the average homeschool student performs four grade levels above the national average. And who wins most of the spelling bees?

    Many people actually think that homeschoolers are not “socialized,” which is a joke for those of us who have been involved in homeschooling communities.

    Over the years, I have written stories poking fun of those who criticize homeschoolers. For example, there is a spoof I published called “Why Public Schooling is better than homeschooling.” There is also another satire called “Spunky homeschooler rebuts arrogant public school advocate.”

    Luckily, the homeschooling laws in Michigan are considered lenient. For complete information on homeschool laws, curricula, facts and statistics, please  see the Home School Legal Defense Association website.homeschooling