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    Welcome to the Peoples’ Republic of Howell

    As our new governor is turning our great state into the Peoples’ Republic of Michigan (by the way, his new welcome to all the other statists is: Welcome to the P.R.O.M.), the City of Howell is trying to get rid of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

    The City Manager, Shea Charles, introduced at the last City Council meeting on Wednesday April 13th what he called “Free Speech Zones”. That’s funny; I thought that anywhere I stand in the United States is a ‘Free Speech Zone’.

    The thought behind this insanity was to prevent groups such as the Baptist Church in Kansas, Pro-lifers, Skinheads, Bible thumpers, etc., from putting forward their thoughts, even though that is their right. We may not like their words or speech-related deeds, but we need to allow them to speak their thoughts because our Constitution recognizes that right.

    Even though Howell’s proposed Free Speech Zone would only be limited to city festivals for now, where will it end? The American Civil Liberties Union has already threatened the City with a lawsuit if they initiate the ideas. Using the law to tell Americans that they can only speak their minds in special cordoned-off areas is not free speech, it is restricted and constrained speech.

    With Governor Snyder wanting to turn our cities, townships, and villages into regions directly controlled by the State, pulling a Stalinist plot to turn our Republic into a pseudo-Communist state, now the Republican base can whoop it up over Howell also.

    Just as in 2008 when America voted in a President knowing nothing about what he stood for, our state last year voted in someone of whom all we knew was that he was the CEO of a defunct computer company.

    We cannot, as Libertarians, allow the County Seat of the place that we call home to initiate this authoritarian, anti-First Amendment dictum. If we do, we as the largest third party in America may be the next group that they decide they don’t like our message of Liberty, Freedom and the American Way.

    As the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Livingston County, I propose that we watch this dark business in Howell very closely and, if it passes and becomes law, that we peacefully oppose it at every turn, taking up the “cross of Liberty” by defying the injustice and denying the “Free Speech Zones” at every City Festival…even to the point of arrest if need be. Let’s force the issue to the United States Supreme Court if that is what it takes!


    Any and all comments about my comments are welcome. Write me via the Contact area of this website, or email me directly at:

    Todd Richardson, Chair
    Livingston County Libertarian Party

    Ron Sanderson Profiled in Fowlerville News & Views

    As a true servant of the community, the Fowlerville News & Views published profiles of ALL candidates on the ballot for next Tuesday in its October 24th edition, including this excellent statement from Ron Sanderson. Enjoy!


    Ron Sanderson–Candidate for State Representative District 47

    Why am I running for office?

    I am a patriot, not a politician.

    I believe in Freedom; the social, economic, political and other freedoms that earned America its place in history as the greatest nation on Earth.

    Unfortunately, over the past decade our freedoms have been under attack. Government bailouts of a few so-called “too big to fail” corporations and preferential treatment of certain industries and politically powerful groups violate every principle the Founding Fathers stood for. I am determined to reverse these trends. Our government should NOT (and cannot) pick winners and losers in our economy and American life. It SHOULD guarantee equal opportunities for all people, groups, and businesses to grow and prosper, and then get out of the way. To do this we must work together to change the face of American politics.

    Over the past several years, Michigan has offered hundreds of millions of dollars in incentives and subsidies to trendy “green energy” companies and the film industry. Democrats and Republicans together enacted a new Michigan Business Tax, and a steep surcharge on that tax, to dramatically increase the taxes paid by most businesses across Michigan, while dramatically decreasing the taxes paid by the politically powerful Big Three automakers. They also diverted federal “stimulus” money to guarantee the jobs of politically powerful state employee unions, rather than create more jobs in the private sector. Bringing new businesses to Michigan is important, but not when those businesses are lured by government incentives that do not require the companies to be profitable to survive. Witness the steep job cuts by the ethanol and solar power manufacturers lured to Michigan by those incentives. That taxpayer money was foolishly spent.

    Michigan has been cutting deals with large corporations in “cool” and otherwise politically influential industries but over-taxing and over-regulating small businesses, the true heart of Michigan’s economy, to the point where the owners close their doors and leave for greener pastures. They flee to Texas, Florida, or other states where there is no Michigan Business Tax, no personal income tax, and new employees can’t be required to join a union as a condition of employment.

    Times are tough in Michigan. Families faced with a job loss, lower incomes and higher costs are cutting spending, saving more, and prudently taking action to survive. Shouldn’t our state and local governments do the same? Michigan’s population dwindles, but Lansing politicians insist taxes must be raised to service fewer people! Raising taxes is not the answer. Increased taxes only further burden our struggling families and businesses, and destroy private sector jobs.

    I pledge to bring the change that our state needs so badly. Not through back room deals behind closed doors, but by fair, open and honest practices. Here is a Libertarian Common Sense Plan, intended to promote fair, open and honest government in our state.

    By fair, I mean no bailouts. No handouts. No special deals for businesses, unions, or individuals. Instead, cut spending now by eliminating all incentives, benefits, and programs that don’t benefit the average voter or business. Cut government costs by eliminating all agencies and regulations that impede the creation of jobs and businesses, and hinder competition and our personal freedoms. Eliminate tax abatements, exemptions, and discounts for the few preferred businesses, unions, and individuals, and cut the tax rates paid by all.

    By open, I mean promote transparency by promptly posting budgets, finances, proceedings, legislation and documents for all levels of government on the Web. Encourage participation in government by permitting registration and voting by mail, replacing onerous ballot access requirements with simple and fair ones, and eliminating campaign finance requirements designed to be exploited by professional politicians to screen out challengers with fewer resources to challenge the status quo.

    By honest, I mean recognize that the cause of the tidal wave of political corruption washing over our national and state governments is the broad scope and power of government itself. Only by restricting the scope and power of government to grant special benefits to a few can we minimize the incentive for power-hungry individuals to seek public office and special interests seeking favors to corrupt our representatives. Cutting government spending, regulations and agencies, returning to a part-time state legislature, and demanding ethical behavior of our representatives are keys to creating a good place to live, work and raise our families.

    My vision is to change the face of Michigan politics. To lift Michigan back to its feet and make it a place where families and businesses can thrive. A place where students will want to stay after graduation, find work, and raise their families. A state that will attract people from all over the country.

    I do not think State Representatives should be judged by how much bad legislation they help to pass. Instead, let’s judge our state reps and senators by how much bad legislation they help to repeal.

    Our state and our nation are at risk. Governor Granholm and our legislature, dominated by the failed parties of yesteryear, want more bailouts, more regulation, and more spending. More hasn’t worked. Let’s try less: fewer taxes, less regulation, less government. Together we can make Michigan flourish.

    If current Lansing politicians are offended by reading this, then I’m doing it right! Vultures are always annoyed when they are denied an easy meal. Vote for me and I will advance Livingston County’s interests over the interests of the vultures in Lansing.

    I do feel blessed that there is a good chance, in this year of widespread citizen concern and discontent with “politics as usual”, that some true patriots can get elected. If you make me one of them on November 2nd, I will be in good company and will be honored to take your vote to Lansing.

    Some personal information about me:

    I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Cleary University.

    I manage a service and support group for a global manufacturer.

    I have two beautiful daughters and a very supportive (and patient) wife.

    You can find news about me and my fellow patriots in the Libertarian Party of Livingston County at our website,