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    Libertarian party websites and Facebook pages are a great place to become acquainted with the Libertarian party.

    On the following websites, you can find out about Libertarian issues, candidates, opinions and events.

    You can also participate in discussions with many like-minded people on some of these pages!


    National Libertarian Party

    Michigan Libertarian Party


    Facebook Pages:

    National Libertarian Party Facebook Page

    Michigan Libertarian Party Facebook Page

    Michigan Libertarian Party Discussion Forum

    Livingston Libertarian Party Facebook Page


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    The Livingston Libertarians have recently activated a Facebook page! Will you be our Facebook friend and join 500+ other like-minded friends in Libertarian discussions?

    Our Facebook page informs the public and our members about our group’s meetings and the status of our projects, such as Operation Politically Homeless booths and elections.

    In addition, we post Libertarian news events, facts, figures and opinions daily. We welcome submissions from any of our friends so that our “wall” will includes a variety of voices.

    To request our friendship, go to!/libertariansoflivingston