BYLAWS of the Libertarian Party of Livingston County, Michigan
Revision F  1/8/2015


1. The name of the organization is the Libertarian Party of Livingston County, Michigan, abbreviated herein as LPLC. The purpose of this organization is to promote the libertarian philosophy, be politically active within the community, uphold the rights of individuals, assist Libertarian candidates in running for public office, and encourage new membership.

2. Membership:
a) Membership in the LPLC shall require affirmation of the Libertarian Party’s Non-Aggression Principle.
b) LPLC memberships are available at all regular meeting for $10 for new members, and are good for 1 year. 1 year renewals are $5 for current members. Life memberships are $100.
c) Membership dues are optional for individuals who have current membership with either the Libertarian Party of Michigan or National Libertarian Party.
d) All liberty-loving people are welcome to attend LPLC events and contribute to its operation.

3. Meetings:
a) The LPLC shall have two meetings a month, unless otherwise directed by the membership at a Social meeting.
b) The meetings shall be the Social Meeting and the Business Meeting.
Only current members in good standing are eligible to vote in LPLC business
d) Those eligible to vote on party business are members of the LPLC who have been a member for no less than one month prior to the vote.


4. The Officers of the LPLC are: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Political Director and Media Director. The Political Director and Media Director positions can be optional or taken as additional duties of existing officer position to be decided by the membership at an official meeting.


a) The duties of the Chair are:
-To preside over meetings
-To determine dates of the meetings
-To account for, along with the Treasurer, all funds of the LPLC
-To be responsible for the correspondence of the LPLC, including communications to the membership

b) The duties of the Vice-Chair are:
-To assume the duties of the Chair in his or her absence
-To bear primary responsibility for setting the non-official agenda at official monthly meetings (e.g. guest speakers, social events)
-To act as public relations liaison between the LPLC and the general public (e.g. press releases, promoting meetings).


c) The duties of the Treasurer are:
-To oversee an account in the name of the LPLC in a local bank and be a cosigner on this account with the Chair
-To account for all funds of the group including dues when applicable
-To preside over fund-raising events


d) The duties of the Secretary are:
-To record the minutes of official meetings on the LPLC
-To maintain the LPLC membership records and mailing list


e) The duties of Political Director are:
-Present a list of open candidate positions
-To provide candidate training
-Deliver paperwork to the county clerk the day after convention


f) The duties of Media Director are:
-To post and create content for the LPLC website
-To operate and maintain the social networking page(s) of the LPLC
-To assist the Vice-Chair as a public relations liaison between the LPLC and the general public


5. Judicial Committee:
a) The judicial power of the Party shall be vested in a Judicial Committee composed of three LPLC members. The Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary may not be a member of the Judicial Committee.
b) The Judicial Committee shall decide cases involving alleged violations of these bylaws or resolutions.
c) Allegations shall be brought to the Judicial Committee in writing, signed by no fewer than 5 LPLC members.
d) Rulings of the Judicial Committee may be appealed to the Libertarian Party of Michigan.
e) Such appeals shall be filed within 6 months


6. Elections:
a) Elections shall be held at the February Social meeting
b) Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Political Director, Media Director, and Secretary are elected by a majority vote.
c) The Judicial Committee, if needed, shall be elected by plurality vote.
d) Candidates for said offices must be members of the LPLC, in good standing.
e) Those eligible to vote in said elections are members of the LPLC, and must have been a member for no less than one month prior to the election.
f) For all officer positions except Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer, if NOTA wins then the place is vacant.
g) If NOTA wins Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer, a new election must be held immediately.
h) Should an officer miss four consecutive regular meetings (business or social), without giving prior notice, the position shall be declared vacant.


7. Special Elections:
a) A special election shall be held if an Officer or member of the Judicial Committee resigns, is discharged, or dies.
b) The Special Election shall be held as soon as possible at a Social meeting.
c) Notice of the Special Election shall be posted on the LPLC website, as well as sent in an e-mail to members who have provided an email.
d) Same rules apply to special elections as to regular elections.
e) If the Chair position is vacant the Vice-Chair takes over as Chair until a new Chair is elected.
8. National Party Membership Encouragement Program:
a) New LPLC Members will have the option to have $5 earmarked for the purpose of purchasing a National Party Membership.

9. Parliamentary Authority:
a) Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically covered by the bylaws of the Party.


10. Amendments:
a) These Bylaws may be amended at the December Social meeting by a 2/3rds vote of the members of the LPLC present, who have been a member for no less than one month prior.
b) The LPLC Platform may be amended at the December Social meeting by a 2/3rds vote of the members of the LPLC present, who have been a member for no less than one month prior.
c) Proposed Amendments must be submitted by members of the LPLC, in good standing, in writing by no later than the November Social meeting to be made available for the members of the LPLC to review both by posting on the website and by sending an email to all members who have provided an email.

Revision F  1/8/2015