The Livingston Libertarians will elect officers at their February 7th meeting.

All members can vote for the officers as long as they have a state or national Libertarian Party membership and are in good standing.

At the January meeting, the following candidates discussed their interest in the positions:

1)      Chairperson: Pam Sanderson, who is the current chairperson, announced that she will be happy to head the group for a
second year if no one else is interested.

2)      Vice-Chairperson Dan Goebel also expressed an interest in continuing to operate as second-in-command.

3)      Treasurer Ron Sanderson is interested in continuing his position. In addition, Jeff Wood is running for Treasurer, and hopes that the group will amend their bylaws to allow non-members to be more active.

4)      Karl Kiefer was not present at the meeting, but has said that he would continue as Secretary.

5)      Rodger Young  volunteered to be the Political Director.

Cleary's Irish Pub

Cleary’s Irish Pub

The responsibilities for each of these positions are outlined in the organization’s bylaws.

The election will be held at 7:00 on Thursday, February 7th at Cleary’s Pub in downtown Howell.