libLivingston County Sheriff’s department has received a huge military tank to use during high-risk situations, according to the Livingston Daily.

This new tank is called the Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle (MRAP). Video of new armored vehicle

As Barack Obama has stated, “weapons of war do not belong on our streets.”

This MRAP is clearly a “weapon of war,” to be used against US citizens.

It is the job of the Sheriff to protect our constitutional rights, not to be a paramilitary force. The excuse for this is 9/11, the “go-to” reason for any encroachment on our liberties. The job of the Sheriff is to stand as a barrier to such actions and protect the citizens’ rights, not take part in these tyrannical oversteps.

In addition to the new military tank, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department has recently  switched from the traditional  sheriff uniforms to the black militarized uniforms and combat boots. This “militarized police force” was first adopted by the Italian Fascists and later adopted by Nazi Germany.

A 2001 FBI study showed that the black military uniforms cause the officers to be more aggressive, and create more fear in the population when interacting with the officers. When I confronted Sheriff Bezotte during his last campaign about the black uniforms he stated [he’s] “not aware of the study.”

Military style vehicles and a militarized police who wear black uniforms belong in totalitarian nations, not in the land of the free.

It is a sad day when our Sheriffs feel the need to have weapons of war to do their jobs.

Editorial by James Weeks II, vice-chairperson of the Livingston Libertarians