Mike Brennan is representing the Livingston Libertarians in a special election to be held on August 6th for the Livingston County District 5 County Commissioner.   Mike Brennan

Brennan, a teacher and filmmaker, is the owner and operator of The Livingston Learning Center and Cross-Eyed Films. He has lived in Livingston County for more than 20 years.

Brennan, who is running against Mike Tipton (D) and Don Parker (R), has a great chance of winning the election.

In addition to his strong background, he is running in the district where Livingston Libertarian Rodger Young received a respectful 25% of the vote in November.

Young decided not to run in the upcoming special election, but instead will serve as Political Director to give support and direction to Brennan.

Brennan is working hard on his campaign
Brennan, whose brother Kevin is president of Livingston County United Way, has been working hard to meet voters and tell them about his campaign.

For example, he plans to attend both the Howell Balloonfest and the 4th of July parade in Cohochtah.

Brennan would love help handing out postcards or balloons at either of these Livingston County events.

If you want to help with his campaign, go to Mike Brennan’s website.

Donations can be made on the website as well.