In the time-honored libertarian spirit of self-sufficiency, join us as we attend the Michigan Liberty Congress first annual Preparedness event. You’ll encounter vendors and informational speakers on various topics to help you and your family prepare for natural and man-made disasters, including power outages and food shortages caused by ice storms and tornadoes, social, civil, and economic unrest.

Michigan Liberty Congress first annual Preparedness event
Church of Christ
21860 Pontiac Trail, South Lyon, Michigan
Just south of downtown Old South Lyon, east side of street
Between 2 and 8PM

Speaker schedule

2:00 PM Cal Mattle                         The Coming Economy: Deflation or inflation
3:00 PM Disanne Szostak                Foods for Survival and natural medicines
4:00 P M Ernie Speck                      Emergency Lanterns and Water Filtration
4:30 PM                                          How to purchase Gold and Silver
5:00 PM Craig Totfer                       Alternative Hybrid energy
5:30 PM John and Pauline Holton     Agenda 21

Other speakers include: Doug Moore on Nutrient rich dense foods/Victor Moore Omus Technology.