miofficersThe Michigan Libertarian party’s annual convention was a big success!

The convention, held in Grand Rapids on June 14th and 15th, included the preview of a Libertarian movie, as well as speakers and the election of new officers.

The party delegates also voted on updates to the Michigan Libertarian Party’s bylaws and party platform.

New leadership of Michigan Libertarians
The new leadership of the Michigan Libertarians includes Mary Buzuma, chair; Steve Mace, vice-chair; Jim Fulner, secretary; and Kim Moore, treasurer.

The five new “Directors at Large” are Denee Rockman-Moon, Brad Wheelock, Tim Keirnan, Chris Sharer, and Scotty Boman.

The new judicial committee seats Bill Hall, Emily Salvette, and Bill Gelineau.

As Jim Fulner put it, the new party’s leadership is very well rounded, as there is one person from West Michigan, one from Washtenaw County, two from Wayne County,  two from Oakland County and three from unaffiliated areas.

Movies and speakers added to conference
On Friday evening, conference attendees viewed the Libertarian movie “Alongside Night.” It was very well- received, and author J Neil Schulman led a lively discussion after the movie.

Scott Haggerstrom of Americans for Prosperity was the Saturday morning speaker. He talked about his organization’s goals, focusing on the new controversial Michigan Right-to-Work law.

After the evening banquet, a special freedom plaque was presented to a local hero named Vern Verduin by the West Michigan Libertarians.

Mr. Verduin, a farmer,  posted a political message sign on a truck on his farm this past year. He successfully fought “city hall” when they tried to prohibit the sign.

After Mr. Verduin received his award, Christie Diaz was the evening banquet speaker.

Ms. Diaz “presented an absolutely delightful unraveling of the absurd statist forces that interfere with personal fulfillment of unique individuals such as ourselves,” according to member Brian Wright.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped make the convention a success!