The Livingston Libertarians voted to support new member Michael Brennan as County Commissioner candidate for District 5 if Livingston County decides to hold a special election in the coming months.

This decision was made at the January 3rd monthly social meeting of the Livingston Libertarians after party members caucused and discussed the options.

During this meeting, it was discussed that Livingston Libertarian Rodger Young received a respectful 25% of the vote when running for this same position in November. However, Young told party members that he has decided to run for the party position of Political Director, which would allow him to give support and direction to Brennan and others.Michael Brennan

During the party discussions, it was also agreed that the emphasis in the next two years should be to try to win local elections such as county commissioners. These positions allow Libertarian candidates to meet many voters personally, and therefore have a better chance of winning.

For example, ideally, the Livingston County 2014 ballot will have Libertarians running in all nine districts.

The County Commissioner position for the 5th district became open when Republican Jay Drick, reelected to the seat in November 2012, announced
his plans to resign to accept an appointment as District Court magistrate.

The Livingston County Commissioners haven’t decided yet whether they
will appoint the next commissioner, or hold a special election. If they decide on an appointment, it is likely that the Republican majority would make the decision about who to appoint.

Congratulations and good luck to Michael Brennan!