Jordan Page, a liberty minded Singer/Songwriter, is campaigning to finance his next album, which has a tentative release date of May 31st, 2013 and a subsequent tour to follow.

Page, a prominent voice in the Liberty Movement, has headlined in dozens of political events, including sharing the stage with Congressman Ron Paul 15 times. JordanPage

Page has toured for several years spreading the message of personal liberty, sound money, non-interventionist foreign policy.

In fact, he has become “a major anti-war voice in the modern peace movement, and seeks “to mobilize a new generation to stand up for their country and the rights of the individual.”

Page’s music is a mix of acoustic rock, hard rock, and folk.

What’s sure to be a major hit from this collection is the song “Arm Yourselves” which is already getting a huge buzz from some recent performances including a headlining appearance at

For more information, please see Jordan Page’ website.