The Libertarian non-aggression principle is explained in detail in the video called “The Declaration of Natural Rights.”

As the video states, “any right that is a true human right is inherent.”

“Such rights are not granted by government, they are not privileges bestowed by society, or created by documents, therefore such rights cannot be regulated, limited or revoked by any such power.

“Any supposed authority which seeks to strip a Natural Right from the People is illegitimate, and should be dealt with accordingly.”

The video also goes on to state that human societies are guided and held together by principles and ideals, and when a people loses sight of those principles, corruption and dictatorial power always takes root.

The Natural Rights Foundation is focused on one central goal: to unify the left and the right under a common sense philosophy based on the non-aggression principle.

Natural Rights are the logical expression of the non-aggression principle, and when properly communicated they are self evident.

We are not liberal, we are not conservative, we are human.

It’s time to stop fighting among ourselves over petty wedge issues and focus on our common goals and our common enemies.

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