The Libertarian Party of Livingston County will host an “Operation Politically Homeless” outreach booth at the Howell Melonfest this weekend. At our booth, passersby will have an opportunity to take the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz”.


The quiz, produced by the Advocates for Self Government, has 10 short questions on economic and personal issues and can usually be completed in about a minute.




The quiz is designed to help people without a political affiliation find out where they fall on the ideological spectrum.

Quiz Results



Surprisingly high numbers turn out to be more libertarian than they originally thought.  Since 1995, the quiz has been taken online over 18 million times.  Come on by the Livingston Libertarians’ booth at the Melonfest in downtown Howell on Grand River Ave. by the Library and find out where you reside in the political spectrum and get a free pocket Constitution!


Melonfest Hours – Saturday, August 18th 9AM – 9PM   Sunday, August 19th 9AM – 5PM