Rodger Young was unanimously elected chairperson of the Livingston Libertarians

Rodger Young was unanimously elected chairperson of the Livingston Libertarians

Greetings Livingston Libertarians,

I am pleased and honored to have become chair of the Livingston County Libertarian Party (LCLP).

We had a fine meeting in July! It was our largest meeting yet. Along with our regular crowd of LCLP members, we had some new faces including the guest speakers and their friends. We also welcomed visitors Mary Buzema and Steve Mace, chair and vice-chair of the Michigan Libertarian party.

I know that I have a task ahead of me, and hope to get the social meeting back to the way it was without too much party business.

I have been to one national convention and a handful of state conventions. I know that not everyone thinks and acts the same in the Libertarian Party. There are always those who think they have a “new” way of doing things and then try to exclude those who they do not feel like minded.

We have grown very quickly as a party, and need to come together and help us grow and get Libertarians elected at our local level.

So, I need your help and participation. Feel free to contact me by email, phone, before or after the meetings with any feedback of questions. My email address is

I would like to remind our members who live in the City of Howell, Howell Township, or Cohoctah Township that Mike Brennan is running for the position of County Commissioner. Please vote and tell your friends and enemies to vote for Michael Brennan on August 6th.

I plan on see you all at our next social meeting on August 1st.

Respectfully yours,
Rodger Young
Chairman LCLP

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