The Livingston Libertarian candidates did quite well in the November 2012 election!

Congratulations especially to Rodger Young, who received 24.87% of the vote for 5th district county commissioner.

Below is a list of the Libertarian candidate totals:

8th District Representative in Congress: Daniel Goebel LIB 2333 / 95130 or 2.45%
47th District State Representative: James Weeks II LIB 1607 / 43186 or 3.72%
5th District County Commissioner: Rodger Young LIB 1799 / 7232 or 24.87%
9th District County Commissioner: John T. Hargenrader LIB 1586 / 8940 or 17.74%
42nd District State Representative: James H. Lewis II LIB 1828 / 49777 or 3.67%

In addition to the county positions, Scotty Boman, running for US Senate, received 84198 / 4644438 votes, or 1.8%.

Gary Johnson was the most successful White House candidate in the Libertarian Party’s nearly 41-year history, despite the fact that the write-in votes for Michigan haven’t even been counted.  With final vote tallies still being calculated, Johnson’s current total of 1,139,562 puts him significantlyahead of ahead of any of his party’s nine other presidential candidates.

John Hargenrader

John Hargenrader

James Lewis II

James Lewis II Libertarian for State Representative 42nd District

James Weeks II                           Dan Goebel

James Weeks II                                            Dan Goebel