Election Results for August 6, 2013


Mike Brennan

We had great results for the Libertarian Party of Livingston County. Our candidate Michael Brennan received 9% of the vote in a three way race for Livingston County Commissioner, 5th District.

Michael passed out thousands of campaign cards, went to parades, and pounded on doors. Congratulations Michael on your campaign.

This was a special election due to the Republican winner in November 2012 deciding to be a judge instead of completing his duties and perhaps serving as a placeholder to have another Republican appointed as County Commissioner.

Normally, the county voter’s rubber stamp these Republicans into the commissioners position by handing them at least 75% of the vote. This time the Republican could only maintain 56% as he was in a real race.

On another note, the county did pass the library millage. They chose to spend other people’s money even when the library had funds to repair the roof they were asking the voters to pay.

Rodger Young – Chair, Libertarian Party of Livingston County