As Libertarians in Michigan, what opportunities do we have, and should we take, to advance liberty in this interesting election year? I propose we vote for Ron Paul in our state’s GOP primary, while continuing to help nominate the most qualified Libertarian presidential candidate at our national LP Convention in May. The more liberty-minded candidates we have running in the US elections, for any party, the better our ideas will spread around the electorate.

As over 10 million dollars of Michigan tax money pays for the Democrat and Republican primaries, we have a right to vote in them even if we do not affiliate with either of the two Parties being represented on Tuesday Feb 28th. We’ve paid for this primary, let’s use it! In Michigan, we can show up to the Republican and Democrat primaries and get a ballot for one of the two parties, even without being registered as Democrats or Republicans. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity and vote for Ron Paul. I know that nearly every Libertarian I have talked with is also supporting Dr. Paul in their State Primaries and Caucuses. If he should get the Republican nomination (and not be cheated out of it through back room trickery), a large number of Libertarian voters will be there for him in November. I know many Libertarians would rather die than vote for the GOP, given the GOP’s historic failures at protecting civil liberties and reducing the bloated Federal and State governments. I’m right there with them, but this is a unique situation in the GOP. If Ron Paul wins the GOP presidential nomination, it would mark a huge sea change in American politics. I and some others would definitely vote for him as the GOP presidential candidate, while continuing to vote Libertarian for all other offices and issues on our ballots.
If Dr. Paul does not win the GOP nomination, Libertarians such as I will then vote for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee, to be determined at the Libertarian National Convention May 5th & 6th. If the LP nominee is former New Mexio Governor Gary Johnson, Ron Paul after failing to get the GOP nomination might even endorse him. I would hope Dr. Paul’s  supporters would follow suit. We would have the most qualified candidate in decades for the LP ticket! If Ron Paul supporters did vote for Johnson as the next best candidate on the November ballot, then Gary Johnson could get more votes than the Republican presidential nominee, and this would send a major message to the corrupted Party elites and the entire electorate. The LP would achieve legendary status and become a major force in US politics in a way we have not been up to now. Americans would realize there is a legitimate third choice in American and that third choice came in 2nd in the Presidential election, with the GOP trailing third.
I think my plan is far better than vowing to write in Ron Paul if he is not on the November GOP ballot.  The fact to take forward is that no other GOP Candidate is going to get Ron Paul’s votes in November, and he just got 27% of the GOP vote in MN (36% in Maine).  That’s a big chunk of the Republican vote, and he does much better among Independents. Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who can beat Obama, in my opinion.
What do you think of my plan? Please come to our Livingston Libertarians social meeting on Thursday, March 1st, and tell me what you did on Primary day and why. I wanted to put this out there and hear what you think in person over a good dinner and drink. Our social meeting discussions are fun, well-reasoned, and respectful.
Dan Goebel, Vice Chair