Here is an interesting and depressing letter recently published in Hometown publications regarding Kerry Bentivolio. This was written by his former volunteer coordinator, Wayne 11th District Coordinator Alex Witoslawski, of the Michigan Campaign for Liberty.

Witoslawski expresses extreme disappointment in several votes Bentivolio has cast, which are in direct contrast to his campaign promises to his Liberty supporters.
Dear Editor,

In your recent article “Bentivolio: Government spending out of control” ( you neglected one key fact: like most politicians, Congressman Kerry Bentivolio talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

Kerry Bentivoli has broken several promises made to Liberty supporters.

Kerry Bentivoli has broken several promises made to Liberty supporters.

Early in 2012, I joined Kerry Bentivolio’s campaign as a volunteer and eventually became his volunteer coordinator for Livonia. I put in countless hours of legwork for him, gathering petition signatures to put him on the ballot, knocking on strangers’ doors and calling likely voters encouraging them to go out and vote for Bentivolio.

Normally I am not enthusiastic about politicians — but Bentivolio seemed different. After all, he primary-challenged Thaddeus McCotter for campaigning on one set of principles but voting on a completely different set of principles. He promised to take his oath to uphold the Constitution seriously and said that he would never vote to raise the debt ceiling. He even took the Republican Liberty Caucus’s pledge to always stand for fiscal responsibility, limited government and personal freedom. I really believed Bentivolio would be our district’s “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

However, in a move accurately dubbed “Bentivolio’s betrayal” by many of his ex-supporters, within a month of being sworn into office the congressman violated his campaign promises by not only voting to raise the debt ceiling, but voting to temporarily suspend it. Not only was that fiscally irresponsible, but it also was plainly unconstitutional, seeing as Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution plainly gives the power to borrow money to Congress — not the president.

More recently, despite all of his rhetoric attacking Obamacare and government-run health care, Congressman Bentivolio again violated his campaign promises when he voted for the continuing resolution funding Obamacare. It appears that either Bentivolio is in way over his head or he is a sell-out.

Either way, he is rapidly losing the support of the liberty movement, which helped him get elected. Many of his former supporters, volunteers and donors have expressed serious disappointment with his voting record. I hope he’ll realize the error of his ways soon and change course — or else all the effort I and many other volunteers put into his campaign will be wasted.

Alex Witoslawski
Wayne 11th District coordinator
Michigan Campaign for Liberty