Welcome to the Police State of Michigan

Hello again, well here we are at the 235th birthday of this great Libertarian bastion called the United States of America. Unfortunately those who are in power are fascist-socialists and we seem to be losing more and more of our hard-won every year. Even in this state, our infamous Kaiser Snyder and his Jackboots are chipping away at our freedoms as we speak…

The signs that welcome visitors and citizens alike (there are fewer and fewer of the latter by the way) to our beautiful state need to be changed to read: “Welcome to the Police State of Michigan”

Those of you who were at the Libertarian Party of Michigan State Convention in May will remember we had a keynote speaker from the Michigan Medical Marijuana Alliance telling us all about the Gestapo tactics that law enforcement is instituting against the general public to rid Michigan of one of our people-mandated constitutional freedoms: the ability to stop suffering with medical marijuana.

In the past couple of weeks, a state-licensed medical marijuana distributor, Marshall Alternatives, located on the outskirts of Fowlerville, was raided for the second time in two months by the Livingston and Washtenaw Narcotics Enforcement Team (LAWNET), other local police officers, and even the DEA.

With this recent raid, the ravens have come home to roost, shutting down the licensed facility…for what you might ask? It turns out that the LAWNET group planted an undercover officer in Marshall Alternatives as a decoy patient. They gave him a fake Michigan Drivers License and a fake Michigan Medical Marijuana card to buy maryjane from the facility.

So now the very people we have hired to protect us from the criminals have become the same to “catch” a legal entity in a crime which they had nothing to do with. This, my friend, is the very definition of a Police State! They have arrested the owners and the employees and charged them with distribution of a controlled substance. They confiscated 15 ounces of medical-grade marijuana, the cameras and video recorder that taped the raid, and all the cash, not only from the business, but too every individual and their private, locked personal vehicles parked outside the facility.

Though no one went to jail that day, arrest warrants were issued for them the following day and all were scheduled to “turn themselves in” on their own. No warrant was shown to the proprietors during the raid and, in fact, they are still waiting to see the warrant from the previous raid as yet.

So here we are in 2011, the State Constitution says that citizens can legally obtain medical marijuana with a doctor’s prescription and a card from the state…but then the Gestapo steps in and because they don’t care what the People legislate, they use Federal Law to override our State Constitution, a clear violation of the 10th amendment to the US Constitution.

This is as bad as President Obama telling the Congress that because the United Nations and NATO gave him permission to invade Libya, he no longer needed the permission of Congress in a clear violation of the War Powers Act. But then, as I have stated in previous Comments, Obama has a shown disdain for the very Constitution he took an oath to uphold and protect.

So remember, keep practicing the “lock step” (left-right, left-right…) and the raising of the right arm, too (Hail Snyder!) I predict we all are going to be required to perform this whenever Kaiser Snyder and his Jackboots come to a festival near you. Or even, eventually, just at the mention of his name!

In Liberty,

Todd Leslie Richardson
Chair, Libertarian Party of Livingston County