Communism 401

Now that we’re seven months into “Kaiser” Snyder’s (only) term as Governor, he has introduced us to his “Dashboard” (can anyone explain this thing to me in English?), his plan to build the bridge to eternal debt, and his “get anything I want” attitude with the Republican-controlled House and Senate (his Jackboots, as I’ve been calling them in these editorials). This preliminary stuff was all Communism 101 through 301…now we can advance to the higher learning, Communism 401.

With the governor’s office negotiating with the State Employee Unions as we speak, he is trying to force them into paying more for their pensions and at least 20% of their health care too. Frankly, if they agree to this then the Union bosses are as stupid as they are partisan! Now Kaiser Snyder wants ALL government workers (union or not; local, county and state) employees to take the same deal. He wants the STATE to control all government entities and their funds so it can have more funds to work with.

It is a crime, whether it is constitutional or not (frankly I doubt it is), for our state government to take all of the property taxes we pay and then only send the local governing agency (township, city, or village) a pittance back where we live. State Control is what he is after now, look out for his next several months as Kaiser…this centralization of power in the captial and loss of autonomy of local areas is just what Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler did when they took control of their countries, and this is the primary theory behind Kaiser Snyder and his Jackboots too!

Well, onto a different subject: the jerk we call our local US Congressman, Mike Rogers (R-Brighton) has not only endorsed the Boehner plan for “debt reduction” (ha, ha), but he also voted for the joke that passed in the House the other day. They are going to “slash” $91.5B from every budget for the next ten years of a deficit of $1.65T this year alone. We’re overspending by trillions and they think “cutting” a paltry few billion will help. A prominent Democrat has deemed the bill a Satan Sandwich (take one part Nancy Pelosi and one part Harry Reid and sandwich an Obama between them). Even the Ryan plan cut $400B a year…

With the state legislature out on summer break until August 24th, at least we’re free from more stupid bills that take away our freedoms like the one that Joe Hune got passed that bans the sale of certain bath salts because some kids have figured out that they can high with them. See his website about it. More authoritarian fearmongering from the Republican party. We cannot have a country where people are actually accountable for their own actions, can we? Better ban some more common substances, Joe, I found several potentially dangerous things at my local grocery store tonight! Keep trying to be everyone’s parent, Joe, and soon you become everyone’s tyrant.

Have a great August, everybody, and if you have any suggestions as to what we can do to host a better Liberty Fest this year, use the Contact Us form on this website to let me know. Our Livingston County affiliate is hosting the event this fall and I am currently looking into a potential venue and a super keynote speaker…

In Liberty,

Todd Richardson, Chair
Livingston Libertarians