How Much is Enough?

According to the Congressional Budget Office in Washington, DC the March 2011 budget deficit was about $240B and what do the Republicans in congress propose? $61B in cuts…not for just a month, but for the entire year! What a joke…that works out to about ¼ of 1% of the federal budget and we’re supposed to get all giddy about that. Oh, oh, I can feel something running down my leg…excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom…no, no, I’m not that guy from MSNBC.

Earlier this week Republican Representative Paul Ryan proposed a $4T budget cut over the next ten (10) years. We are currently running a yearly budget deficit of $1.5T, so if we do the math, over the next ten years (keeping the deficits @ $1.5T) we’ll amass a debt of $15T…but cut just $4T…am I missing something here? This will leave a balance (debt) of $11T.

Now they will say that the Obama administration doesn’t want any cuts…they even called the $61B proposed by the repubs “A Cut to the Bone”. A quarter of one percent is a cut to the bone?

So, how much is enough anyway? In another ten years who knows where our deficit will be (currently running about $14T; and the unfunded liabilities about $115T)? How much is enough…I propose that they cut $15 Trillion! Let’s bring the federal government right where we have to fund our families…under a balanced budget.

If the Republicans take the Senate in 2012, then Obama may be forced to kowtow to their wishes, especially if they get a super majority, but then they are Republicans now that I think about it. They are worse than tax-and-spend, they are borrow-and-spend. Don’t look for deficit cures from them as a majority party. Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Justin Amash are not typical Republican members of Congress.

If the federal government does not change its way and the current trend according to Chris Ruddy (Aftershock) continues, it won’t matter what we try and cut…America will cease to exist as we currently recognize it…within the next two years! Come on lawmakers, get off your fat keesters and do what we sent you there to do in the first place!!!


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Todd Richardson, Chair
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