This is something that I have been thinking about for quite some time now and now that I have been elected the Chairperson of our affiliate here in Livingston County, I am initiating the thought. This is planned to be a bi-weekly column to be posted on the website by our illustrative Vice Chair. When issues of National, State or Local importance come to light that may require the Libertarian perspective, I will insert an additional column. My first comment piece is entitled:

Snyder vs. Obama: Is There a Difference?

ince being elected the new governor of the great state of Michigan, Rick Snyder has proposed some really outlandish ways to help balance the budget, which is $1.8 billion in the hole. His line, “Everyone has to bear some pain to get this thing done,” really irks my subconscious. I didn’t cause the state to go $2 billion in the red, why should I have to tighten my belt some more? I just lost 50 pounds and have tightened my (physical) belt about all it will go and I can’t do it to my monetary one any further, what with gas prices approaching $4 a gallon. I think they should look internally for the majority of the cuts, but then that’s me.

According to my wife, who works for a local government agency that will remain nameless, she said that in their Strategic Planning Meeting the other day that their healthcare costs were rising by 25% this year because of Obamacare’s mandate to put all children up to the age of 26 on the family’s plan for ‘no addition cost’.

On top of that, now it seems that Snyder wants to consolidate local bodies of government into “regional” bodies of government, getting rid of a local feel and bringing everything under the total control of the State. With his plan to tax pension benefits additionally from the Feds and discontinue some pensions for others, his plans are really starting to sound familiar, aren’t they for those of you who can remember back to the 1920’s and 30’s.

BHO has had some of the same ideas and now “we the people” own 2 auto companies, several banks, and some financial institutions. We have a $14 trillion debt that is rising and what does the congress elected by the people offer as a remedy? A $60 billion cut in the yearly budget. Just last month the CBO said that the deficit was an astounding $240 billion and they are proposing a $60B cut for the year. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) proposed a $600 Billion cut by eliminating three entire departments (Education, Energy and Commerce) and everyone there said he was “Nuts!”

So in closing, for those of you who cannot remember back to the days of the great depression, let me lay it out for you very succinctly…the budget wranglings of both BHO and RS sound a lot like what Hitler and Stalin did to bring their ‘worlds’ under the control of the Fascists and the Communists. Well, “Slap my tail and call me stinky,” (a quote from a character in Stuart Little 3), but I’d say we have two peas in a pod when it comes to BHO and RS. We have been saying ever since Obama came to power that either he was a Socialist or Fascist, now we have the same if not worse in the governor’s chair in Lansing…he needs to go and we cannot afford to wait four years…can we?

Todd Leslie Richardson,
Chair, Libertarian Party of Livingston County