“Double dipping”

Sorry for the tardiness of my June comments, but here we go…

Looking at an issue from the last Comments, the National Labor Relations Board has ruled on the Boeing issue, using a little-known part of the Commerce Clause. The Obama administration asserts that, even though Boeing has added jobs to the original 787 plant in Washington state and its union contract allows for investment elsewhere, it cannot expand production in a second line (Boeing builds the fuselage of the 747 in South Carolina, too). Why? Because that would be a violation of the labor laws as an unfair labor activity against the union in Washington state. This decision thus shuts down the plant that Boeing has spent the last two years building at a cost of about $2.2B, which was set to open on June 3rd. The plant will now sit vacant and better than 2,000 people will remain unemployed.

By some commentators’ estimates, no other companies will in their right mind relocate to a right-to-work state if their current facilities are union-run. Instead, those companies will decide to move all of their work and jobs to some other country that would welcome however many thousands of jobs!

According to Michigan’s State Constitution, no city that has less than 750,000 people has a right to collect an additional sales, use or employment tax separate from the state. However, “Kaiser Snyder” and His Jackboots have passed, and he has signed, a bill allowing Detroit to do just that, in clear violation of the State Constitution. According to the 2010 Census, Detroit currently has a population of about 710,000 people. Hail Snyder! (keep practicing those fascist salutes I told you about in my last Comments…)

Watch out for the United Nations “Double-Dip” coming…Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is backing the UN’s Small Arms Treaty (UNSAT). This will, when voted upon by the left-leaning gun-hating Senate, undermine our national security, cut into our sovereignty, and get rid of the 2nd amendment to the Constitution in one fell swoop.  In protecting everyone from “Terrorism, Insurgencies and International Crime Syndicates”, the UNSAT will:

1.     Make it tougher to legally obtain firearms, adding to the already burgeoning red tape it takes now.

2.     Confiscate and Destroy all “Unauthorized” privately-owned weapons.

3.     Ban the sale, trade of private ownership of all Semi-Automatic firearms (for you in Rio Lindo and Miami Dade county, this means single shot guns of any kind)

4.     Start an International Gun Registry, enabling the confiscation of all privately owned weapons.

5.     Ultimately allow the Federal government to assert preemptive powers over State regulatory powers as regulated by the tenth amendment to the Constitution.

In conclusion, we need to keep close tabs on what the United Nations is doing, but more than that, we need to keep close tabs on our own Kaiser Snyder and His Jackboots…our Senator Joe Hune still is undecided on how he will vote on the Bridge to nowhere. The multi-billion dollar boondoggle that they are trying to push on us…sorry, but a state that is such deep financial trouble as ours does not belong getting involved with another country on a bridge that a private business has offered to build at “0” cost to the state. When the I-75 Ambassador bridge rebuild was completed a few years ago, we spent several hundred millions of dollars to put an entry to a second span and now Kaiser Snyder doesn’t want to use it…talk about Double Dipping!

I hope our legislative watchdogs are worth their salt, because in addition to be a flavoring to food, salt is also a preservative, the preservative that will secure our liberty for generations to come…or to lose it…it is all up to us!


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Todd Richardson, Chair
Livingston County Libertarian Party