Convention was a great time! The speaker from the Mackinaw Center for Public Policy updated us on pro-liberty efforts in the state government, and then we heard from our keynote speaker from the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, who exposed the Gestapo tactics that local and federal law enforcement agents are using against legal establishments and individuals…a very enlightening talk. There is a rally on the steps of the capital in Lansing on Wednesday May 25, 2011 from noon until five. And as many of you already know, the Libertarian Party of Livingston County has four of the nine seats on this year’s LEC…way to go everyone. James Lewis, III was voted in as Party Chair; Todd Richardson was voted in as Party Vice-Chair; Tim Keirnan and Pam Sanderson were voted in as At-Large-Members.

Now to my comments for the month…I believe what everyone needs to do is start practicing the Lock-Step marching maneuver and the Right Hand-Raising maneuver (i.e. Nazi fashion) and then shouting “Hail (input who-so-ever’s name you like…Obama, Snyder…). Read on to see why.

Boeing Corporation is doing very well these days. They have a backlog on their popular 787 jetliner and their Seattle, Washington plant is running at capacity producing seven (7) 787s a week. Because of this they are planning to open a new facility in South Carolina (a right-to-work state). However, the unions that run the plant in Seattle have filed a grievance with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Their claim is that with their employer opening a plant in a right-to-work state, they are acting in ‘bad faith’ and attempting to ‘break the union’ by allowing non-union workers build the same thing that they already do. Mind you, Boeing already has a plant in SC building the fuselage of the 747, but they have said nothing about them.

The NLRB is set to rule on whether Boeing can open the plant in South Carolina next week…now I ask you: What business does an agency of the federal government have telling a private corporation where it can build its next facility? Remember; start practicing your Lock-Step and Hand Motions…

Governor Snyder and his cronies in Lansing (the House and the Senate) have done away with the Michigan Business Tax, MBT (a good thing) and replaced it with a flat rate 6% tax (another good thing). However, they are paying for it by taxing the pensions of retirees (a bad thing) and by stealing from the School Aid Fund (a worse thing). Three of our five school districts in Livingston County have come out and said that if the decreases are approved that they will see RED (in the $millions) in their next year’s budget. I suspect this is just where “Hail Snyder” wants things…so he can put a financial manager in those districts and start the State takeover of our public and private school districts. As much as the MBT was an onerous and unfair tax, I believe what we have here is the cure being far worse than the ailment.

Now the Senate in Lansing has passed a bill mandating that ALL public employees (City, Village and Township) pay 20% of their health insurance cost. Just like the Feds sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong, the state is now attempting to squeeze blood from a dried up turnip. One township that I am familiar with has already budgeted their employees’ health costs in for the next two years…but then, “Hail Snyder” knows better!

It isn’t enough that he wants to “regionalize” all local (township, village, and city) government into five or six regional entities so the State can control everything (sound familiar?), he now wants to have most public employees who make about 50% of those in the same field in the private sector eat cat food too!

Are you practicing that salute? Good… “Hail Snyder!”

Another thing. I’m all for the rights of the LGBT community to practice what they want in the privacy of their own homes and such. In fact, the Libertarian Party is the only political party in the USA that wants government busybodies OUT of the marriage business; we believe marriage should be a private legal contract between two people, period. A private legal matter, not a national or state one. However, when anyone, including the LGBT community, advocates for special rights that violate the First Amendment rights of some Americans, I draw the line. With the military overturning “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, now the military LGBTs want to force ALL military chaplains to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies even if it violates the chaplains’ religious tenets. This would be a gross violation of their First Amendment rights to freedom of religion. The rewriting of the entire Bill of Rights is just what some LGBT lobbyists in Washington, DC are after, giving them special rights across the board. “Right-Left…Right-Left…kick those steps high now…Hail Obama/Snyder!” Take licensing of marriage away from the government (and by extension, the military), and all this mess would be cleared up to everyone’s satisfaction.

As I see it right now, Obama will win a second term despite the GOP winning the Senate back, resulting in them controlling both the House and Senate. But we know from repeated experience that the Democrats and Republicans are equally authoritarian in their big government social and economic lunacy. Remember it takes just 30 days of doing something to make it a habit, so keep up the practice: Lock-Step and Hand Raising 101! By the way…tall black boots are optional. Hail!

Have a great Memorial Day and thank a Vet if you get the chance to!


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