We are hosting an “Operation Politically Homeless” booth at the annual Howell Melon Festival. Come on out and take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and find out where you are on the world-famous Nolan Chart, which frees us from the delusion that there is only “right” or “left” in modern politics. There’s also up and down! You have more choices than “liberal” and “conservative” and we are one of those choices. Come see us, and meet Howell legend Dr. May, one of the festival’s original organizers.

We will be there Saturday and Sunday, starting at 9AM. Our booth should be in front of the county courthouse, across the street from Cleary’s where we meet every month. You can find us on this handy map of all the sidewalk vendors. There will be candy for all children and quiz takers, plus a free pocket-sized Constitution when you take the quiz.