There is a short and simple movie that describes why Libertarians want to be free.

The movie talks about the intricacies and brilliance of our world as seen through the process to construct an ordinary familiar wooden pencil.

Each part of the pencil is the result of cooperation and collaboration of millions of people from different cultures and countries.

Building a pencil is absent of one mastermind.  Each member of pencil’s family tree supplies only a small amount of necessary know-how to make a pencil. These people supply this skill by voluntarily exchanging labor and skills for money to buy what they want.

Every second we’re alive we benefit from voluntary and spontaneous cooperation. This is the modern world: miraculous, intricate, and getting better every day so long as people are free to interact with each other.

“If we can leave creative energies of human kind uninhibited, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.”


For more information, see the ipencil movie.