All Libertarians should be concerned about abuses happening in our own back yard.

Jeff Pyne, 22 of Highland, has been charged with first-degree murder of his mother.

Jeffrey Pyne is being tried for murdering his mother.

Jeffrey  is a well-regarded young man from Highland, Michigan. It shocked everyone in town when Jeff was arrested for this crime.Since his arrest, Jeff has been in Oakland County Jail for 13 months, with many delays in this trial.

In addition to the unconstitutional amount of time Jeff has spent in jail, information about his case has been sheltered from the press and the public. This is mainly because he is the first person in Oakland County to be tried under a new citizen grand jury set up by Jessica Cooper’s office.

This citizen grand jury process caused Jeffrey to lose many of his basic rights.

Jeff’s trial finally began last week. To follow this trial and learn more about the abuse of the grand jury system, please click here.