I’d like to take a moment and reach out to any Republicans in our county who are disappointed in what their party has and has not accomplished in the past 30 years at both the national and state level.

Have you felt a growing sense of frustration as Republican president after Republican president left office with the Federal government larger than it was when they were elected? Do you wonder why even Republican presidents with a Republican Senate and Congress still would not stop, let alone reverse, the growth of our overbearing Federal government? If we judge them strictly on their actions, we can see Republicans have no intention whatsoever of downsizing government; they only use that idea to attract votes during election season. Worse, they borrow your money and your children’s futures to pay for their spendthrift ways. You may dislike the “tax and spend” reputation of the Democrats, and trust me I’m right there with you, but the Republicans have taught us there is something even worse: borrow and spend!

What about the state level? How pleased are you with the GOP in Michigan and their accomplishments? I moved to Michigan in 2000 and have observed a steady downward spiral of the state’s economic indicators over the past decade. I’m very concerned at the high spending, tax-increasing ways of Lansing while jobs, families, and college graduates flee Michigan for greener pastures. I love this state and it makes me mad to see what a hash of things Lansing has made in a state that should be, judging by its natural and intellectual resources, near the top of the USA in all the important measures.

To the many sincere Republicans in Livingston County I say this: I think you are in an abusive relationship with your current political party of choice. Like all bad relationships, your “partner” promised many things but consistently failed to deliver, and has in fact damaged you by their behavior over the years. Then come election time they turn on the charm and promise to really change … that they mean it this time … that they truly love you and those spending increases and broken promises were just due to being drunk, it was the alcohol talking, not them … “hey, honey, let’s stick together and we can do some of the things we always planned”. And if you threaten to leave, they try to scare you into sticking with them by saying “those awful Democrats are even worse, you must vote for us!” From where I sit, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans know what our real problems are or what to do about them. They actually cause them!

You don’t have to put up with this. On behalf of my fellow Livingston Libertarians, I’d like to invite you to our monthly meetings in Howell. Come on out, meet us, and learn what the Libertarian Party of Michigan is all about. I will post meeting announcements on this website in the first week of each new month, and you can find our location by clicking the Meeting Location link up top. Check out the About Us area while you’re at it.

We’re a congenial, respectful bunch who are determined to make Michigan a better place in which to live and work. You have more than two political choices. Meet the Livingston Libertarian Party the first Thursday of each month to learn more!

In liberty,
Tim Keirnan, Chair