Libertarians at the Howell Melonfest

We’re here to give voters of Livingston County a superior choice in local, state, and national politics. Unlike Republicans and Democrats, who use government to control your personal and economic behavior, Libertarians want to protect both our personal and economic freedom.

Take ten seconds to complete the World’s Smallest Political Quiz from the Advocates for Self Government and see if you may be a Libertarian already!

We are in the innovative position of being socially tolerant (live and let live!) and financially conservative (small c). We love and defend the civil liberties recognized by our U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights, and want the government out of our wallets.

The Libertarian Party of Michigan is an affiliate of the national Libertarian Party. Visit their website for a whole bunch of excellent background and news.

The Libertarian Party of Livingston County is an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Michigan. Take a look at the LPM website to see state-level news during this critically important election year, and to find the list of all Michigan Libertarian candidates.

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Our postal address is P.O. Box 21 Howell, MI 48844