Scotty Boman, Michigan libertarian and peace activist, recently wrote an opinion editorial regarding pacifism versus private gun ownership.

“In the course of attending meetings, rallies, and protests, I have noticed confusion by some anti-war activists who favor laws designed to prohibit, or severely limit, private gun ownership,” said Boman. “Some have suggested that it is hypocritical of me to advocate both non-violence and gun rights.”

Boman notes that pacifism was promoted by Jesus and adopted by activists including Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.

“To sum it up in a few words, pacifists oppose violence as immoral, regardless of any provocation or defensive justifications,” he explained. “A pure pacifist is willing to be killed or allow others to be killed rather than take up arms to defend one’s self or family.”

Scotty Boman

Scotty Boman, libertarian and peace activist

The other moral code at issue here is the non-aggression principle, he explained. “This
philosophical standard asserts that the initiation of force is fundamentally immoral, but that force is morally acceptable when necessary to protect one’s self, loved ones, or property from violent actions or seizure by an aggressor.”

Click here so read more about why Boman thinks that a libertarian can be a pacifist.

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